Round Table [Collaboration]

Collaborative Drawing , UC Berkeley School of Education 2017

Collaborative Drawing, UC Berkeley School of Education 2017

Round Table projects are leaderless collaborations. Each collaborator operates independently, in a sequence, contributing according to their own judgement.

The collaborator who works first, works last, and is called the Principal Author. The other collaborators are Contributing Authors.

In the ‘Group’ process, each and every group member plays both roles— Principal Author and Contributing Author. Each group member starts and finishes one artwork, and contributes to all other works started by fellow group members. [Postal Collage] [New Shapes]

In the ‘Independent’ process, one may choose to play one or both roles— Principal Author and/or Contributing Author. [Check It Out]

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The Postal-Collage Project is an annual, all-inclusive, global, creative collaboration in its 8th year. Over the first seven years, more than 250 collaborators created over 500 collages.

New Shapes is a project designed for kindergartners, and was first carried out in early 2009 at John Muir Elementary School in Berkeley, California. It was the first application of what would become the 'Round Table' method.



• A group is assembled, and a circular, sequential pattern is established.

• Each participant in a group initiates a work-in-progress.

• Each participant passes this first-stage work to the next participant in the sequence, and so, each receives a first-stage work from the sequentially prior participant.

• Each contributes to the first-stage work they received, transforming it into a second-stage work.

• This second-stage work is passed along as before, and so, also as before, everyone in the group receives a second-stage work.

• Each contributes again, and passes along in the prior manner.

• This continues until the final-stage, when each participant receives the piece they, themselves, initiated (having now passed through the hands of all other group members).

• Each participant completes the work they started, and when all group members have done so, the set is complete.

• Each participant is considered the Principal Author of the work they initiate and complete, and a Contributing Author of the rest.


• Any collaborator may choose the role of Principal Author by initiating an artwork, and making it available for alteration by others. When some number of others have, one by one, contributed to the artwork, it is returned to the initiator for completion.

• Any collaborator may choose the role of Contributing Author by gaining access to a work-in-progress (at any stage other than the first or last stage), making a contribution, and returning it, making it available for the next collaborator.


Project participation is possible for any interested, able person or group.

There is no fee to participate. Donations are welcome.

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